Episode 1 + 2: Award-Winning Game Developer, Adrian Hon

Nov 06th

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of having an elevator pitch
  • How to effectively not worry about the competition or bigger companies imitating your idea or product.
  • How to effectively use crowdfunding as a means to validate your ideas and product.
  • Why you should be open to stepping into the role of CEO is sometimes necessary.
  • Having technical knowledge or access to it is essential when building a development team.

Wanna Be has officially launched and if you haven’t check out the preview episode with Plan International UK yet I highly recommend you do that. You can find it here. For the official launch of the podcast, I wanted to set the tone that inspiration, knowledge and the implausible was possible. Meet Adrian Hon the CEO and Founder of Six to Start an incredible game development and entertainment agency. Adrian and Naomi Alderman are the geniuses behind the highly successful running app Zombies Run! which has generated nearly 4 million downloads, over a quarter of a million monthly active users and tens of thousands of subscribers.

The conversation with Adrian is insightful as most apps are not wildly successful, discoverability on app stores are weak and usually decided by one or two people. Your ability to cut through the noise with a well-made, high-quality product is 90% of the work. Adrian was extremely honest about the role timing played in the success of Zombies Run!

They launched the app on Kickstarter when crowdfunding was a new and shiny thing to do for aspiring entrepreneurs. By virtue of being on Kickstarter at that time made you newsworthy. They had a modest goal of £12k they massively overshot their target and made over $73k with 3000 subscribers. This conversation is perfect for the aspiring game/app developer and if you’re trying to figure out how to balance your time between the creative/technical and business side.