#124 Naomi Shimada, Brian Hollingsworth and Natalie Lue on Focusing on You

Jul 07th

This episode’s guest is model, author and student Naomi Shimada. Naomi is the host of Beauty Fix on BBC Sounds and the co-author of Mixed Feelings. She has starred in campaigns for Nike, H&M and Gap and her writing has been featured in Vogue, Elle and The Observer.

In this episode, the two discuss the effects of overwhelm and taking a step back from the online and digital world. We explore how our lifestyles can contribute to our health and why we should be listening to our bodies, and intuition when it comes to our work. To find out about Naomi’s work you can find her on Instagram on @NaomiShimada.

You’ll get to know Brian Hollingsworth who is a social media expert, and he has a quick message to share. You should definitely be following Brian on Instagram @theBKH if you aren’t already.

Imriel is also joined by author, writer and podcaster Natalie Lue with some must-hear advice about carving your own path.