Podcast Marketing Toolkit – Ten Must-Haves To Grow Your Audience

Apr 18th

Creating a podcast is no mean feat; promoting it is a whole other challenge. In this article, we’re sharing our ideas on what should be in your podcast marketing toolkit if you want to reach more people and grow your audience. So, let’s get into it! 

Your podcast marketing checklist

1. Original artwork 

The most important element of your visual branding is your podcast artwork. You want your podcast to be instantly recognisable. So, spend some time nailing your artwork and ensuring it’s consistent across all platforms. 

2. Killer description 

Once you’ve sorted the visuals, it’s time to master the words. In addition to great artwork, you’ll want an equally impressive podcast description for apps and platforms. Think of this as your elevator pitch. It’s a chance to sell your podcast in a short and sweet format. 

3. Branded episode assets

From guest quotes and audiograms to episode quotes, your branded episode assets are any content you or your guests share online to promote your podcast. While they can be distinct from your pod’s artwork, aim to keep them in line, using the same colour palette and fonts to ensure you have a distinct brand style. 

4. Video content 

Video content is invaluable when it comes to marketing. So, whether you’re a video-first creator or create video content specifically for YouTube shorts or social media, it’s an essential part of your tool kit. 

5. Website 

Websites don’t need to be expensive or have lots of content. Instead, opt for a simple website including all need-to-know information like links to your show and your socials, an introduction to your podcast and a data capture form. 

6. Email list

Once you’ve captured data from your audience, use it to build out a mailing list to reach them easily. Unlike social platforms, your mailing list belongs to you and can never be taken away at the click of a button. Furthermore, building your list opens opportunities to build engagement and boost revenue. It’s a win-win.  

7. Show notes and transcripts

Not only are show notes and transcripts good for SEO, but they’re good for accessibility, too. So, make sure that you set aside some time to ensure every episode you publish has excellent show notes and a transcript – you can use tools to make it easier! 

8. Press/media kit

A press or media kit is another thing you should have in your arsenal for several reasons. Whether for a PR opportunity, to share with potential guests or to get sponsorship, a media kit can be a one-pager or document with all the key information about your show. Sell yourself! 

9. Trailer 

A great trailer is a bite-sized way to get your show shared far and wide across podcast platforms, social media, and various podcast platforms. To learn more about creating the perfect trailer, check out this article. 

10. Universal link

Last but certainly not least, every podcast should use a universal link. This ensures no one gets left out, no matter what device they listen to podcasts on. Simple housekeeping like this can make a lot of difference. 

So, there you have it, our ten must-haves for your podcast marketing toolkit. We understand that looking at this list may feel overwhelming if you’re just starting out, but it’s worth ensuring you have as many of these in play as possible to ensure you market your show effectively and reach your intended audience. 

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