2022 Micro-Grants for Podcasters FAQs

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What’s the difference between the 2021 grant and the 2022 grant?

In 2021 we gave out grants of £250, £500 and £1000 to over 20 applicants. There were no strict requirements on what the funding could be used for. Applicants only had to demonstrate that they had used the money on their project. 

For 2022, we’re looking to provide more holistic support in developing projects. We’re looking primarily for original ideas (although we will review and consider existing work) that would not otherwise be made without a financial boost.

The grants for 2022 will be of higher value, and applicants will have more hands-on support.

How much support is included?

Successful applicants will have access to a Content is Queen producer and an editor. We can provide access to our Epidemic Sound library for music and FX needs. You’ll have 6hrs per week with the team. 

How much is the grant?

We’ll be awarding grants of  £2500 and £5000. 

How much should I apply for?

You decide! Just be sure to factor in your time and that of your contributors or collaborators on the project. 

What do you need from me?

Winners of the 2022 Micro-Grants for Podcasters Programme will need to commit to completing their project within 12 weeks of the first instalment of their grants. 

You’ll need to commit to a weekly 1-hour check-in call for the first six weeks. You’ll also need to deliver your project by 28th April 2023. 

If I don’t use all the money, will I have to give the money back?

No, that won’t be necessary. As part of the application process, we’ll assess your project’s feasibility and determine which size grant is appropriate for the project. If you find you’ve not utilised the total amount, you’re free to keep any excess for you and your team.

Does the money only go to one person, or can it go to a group?

Payments will be made to one UK bank account and the lead applicant. The lead applicant’s responsibility is to distribute the funds for the project. Content is Queen will not engage or mediate disagreements on the money given to a project.

Can I apply as a group or company?

You can apply as a group or collective, but please note that there must be a lead applicant. We will consider applications from companies under ten people. This fund is aimed at indie and amateur producers without credits, so please bear this in mind.

Can I apply as an individual?

Yes, of course. 

What’s the deadline to apply?

We stop accepting applications on Wednesday 30th November 2022, 6:00 pm GMT.

When will I find out if I’m successful/unsuccessful?

We endeavour to let all successful applicants know by 20th January 2023. Due to the volume of applications we receive for these grants, we may not be able to let you know if you’ve been unsuccessful directly, so if you’ve not heard from us by then, your application wasn’t successful. We will not be able to provide individual feedback for applications.

What’s the final deadline for the production project?

The final delivery of work will be Friday, 28th April 2023. 

What type of podcasts are you looking to fund?

We’re looking for original ideas that significantly impact the audience. This could mean a story that’s been untold. We’re open to all ideas and visions. Ideas that will grab our attention will be those that address what’s happening in the world today or can shape our future for the better.

Can I submit multiple ideas?

No, we’ll look at one idea per person/group/company. Your first application will be considered, and any additional pitches will not be considered.

Who can apply?

As long as you are over 18, there are no age, race or gender restrictions in place. If you have an idea, you can apply. Companies with over ten people are not eligible. Employees, friends or family from Content is Queen or Audible cannot apply.

Can I apply from outside of the UK?

Applicants must be UK residents currently living in the UK. All applicants must have a valid UK registered bank account and address to receive the grant. 

Do you have an example of what the budget should look like?

A simple list of where you’ll be allocating the money is sufficient. We want to know where you’ll need the most support at this stage. An example could be:

Artwork: £220

Original music: £750

Contributors x10: £1500

Studio: £500

Transcriptions: £60

Production Assistant: £1000

Researcher: £450

Will you accept supplementary material?

Entry is by the official application form only. Please do not send us additional letters or information we haven’t requested. We aren’t able to consider it. If we need additional information, we’ll ask for it.

Where can I get more information?

Throughout the application window, we’ll host Q&A sessions for applicants to learn more about the process and what we’re looking for. Please be sure you’re on our mailing list, so you don’t miss them. You can join our mailing list here.

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