Jun 27th

Francesca Turauskis gives us an overview of winners and memorable moments at the International Women’s Podcast Awards 2024. Photos courtesy of Everybody Media and Tigz Rice.

Now in its fourth year, The International Women’s Podcast Awards is something the Content is Queen team have strongly supported from the beginning. Created by Naomi Mellor of Everybody Media, the awards are a chance to celebrate and uplift work from all women and other genders underrepresented elsewhere in podcasting.

This year’s ceremony took place on Wednesday 19th June, which is just a seven month break since the last ceremony in November 2023. Even with the shortened entry period, the awards continue to grow, with over 700 entries and more than 33 different countries represented. The warmer month meant that the event could make the most of the new venue, with the rooftop bar of the IET London: Savoy Place welcoming guests.

There was a new host for 2024 – Samantha Baines comfortably took over from Deborah Francis-White, and the creator of The Divorce Social was suitably excited to be away from her newborn. Her own podcast won a ‘Moment of Touching Honesty’ at the awards in 2022, and she gave us some honest humour about pools of tears (it was much funnier than it sounds!).

Each year, there is something of a theme to the people presenting the awards, and this year awards Founder Naomi told the room that they were people “who have helped us and people who are still sticking around” since the awards were first introduced. This included many prominent audio professionals, including Content is Queen Founder Imriel Morgan, and myself!

The ceremony was full of touching moments and fun anecdotes. It was great to see some incredible shows from the Content is Queen community, and show’s we’re fans of, do so well this year.

The Winners

Moment of Compelling Storytelling
Presented by Louise Kattenhorn, Podcast Commissioner at BBC Sounds

Winner – Moments of Grace
Runner Up – Born Greek – Made American

In a beautiful start to the evening, Laura Khan Mitchison and Nicole Robson were awarded the ‘Moment of Compelling Storytelling’ for their oral history project Moments of Grace. This sound and light installation shares audio moments from nurses and midwives and will form part of a grand redesign of the most historic part of St Thomas’ Hospital in 2024. Laura is a Founding Member of Content is Queen, and many of the incredible stories were recorded in our studios. In her speech, Laura said “I haven’t won anything since I guessed the weight of an elephant… it’s so nice to have an opportunity to blow our single-use, gently lubricated trumpets”.

Moment of Insight From a Role Model
Presented by Leona Fensome

Winner – Cruising
Runner Up – The ADHD Women’s Wellness Podcast and The Convex Conversations

This award was presented by another Content is Queen friend, Leona Fensome, Founder & creative Director of Inkslingers Media. The winners of this category phoned in their acceptance from the USA, pointing out how a show about lesbian bars, the humans that run them, and the humans that call them a home can find a place in podcasting.

Moment of Behind-the-Scenes Brilliance
Presented by Chloe Straw of Audio UK

Winner – Lowlines
Runner Up – Tiny Huge Decisions

We’ve recently named it as a show to keep you entertained over summer, (and hastily had to update the article!). The behind-the-scenes brilliance of Lowlines goes to Lina Prestwood of Scenery Studios and Lucia Scazzocchio of Social Broadcasts who pulled together hundreds of hours of raw audio recorded ‘without an itinerary to record’ into beautiful narratives and soundscapes.

Moment of Comedy Gold
Presented by Giles Gear from the Cheerful Earful festival

Winner – American Filth
Runner Up – Tuna Sandwich

Another acceptance from afar, Gabbie Watts, Virginia Prescott, Julia Christgau and Emilia Brock thanked Americans for “being so filthy” so that they have a lot of subject matter. The iHeartPodcasts show dives into the filthier side of American history, and delivers plenty of laughs along the way. As a note of the equal opportunity of these awards, alongside one of the biggest podcast producers the runner up is a small show written and produced solo by Rachel Barrett.

Moment of Visionary Leadership
Presented by Tsedon Dorji

Winners – Unseen Upside
Runner Up – Cruising

In a testament to the international aspects of the event, the presenter of this award, Tsedon Dorji, travelled from Bhutan to be there. The winning show, Unseen Upside, is a branded show ‘powered by the network of Cambridge Associates’ and the acceptance video emphasised how the creativity of the content was important from the start of the production. Meanwhile, Cruising is the first show to make a double-placement in the winners and runners up.

Tsedon Dorji by Tigz Rice
Moment of Raw Emotion
Presented by Naomi Mellor

Winners – Girlfriends
Runner Up – Complexified

Presenting in-lieu of Jo Troy, who couldn’t attend due to sickness, Naomi named Girlfriends as the winner of the Moment of Raw Emotion. She stated that “this was so well received across the world” – and indeed, it was an universally lauded podcast from 2023. The team from Novel confirmed that “raw emotion is something we felt a lot during this show”, which is no surprise given the subject of how a group of women seek justice for the murder of Gail Katz. The second season of The Girlfriends has just finished.

Moment of Factual Clarity
Presented by Naomi Mellor

Winners – F1: Back at Base
Runner Up – Media Storm

Naomi mentioned that this new award exists because of Jackie Lynch from The Happy Menopause, who suggested the need for a category that was more fact based than the emotion-led categories. The winner of this award marks the first sports podcast of the evening, and there is something pleasing about it being a sport that has long been seen as a ‘boys club’. Media Storm comes fresh off the back of their UKAN Award Awards win to take runner up.

Moment of Podcasting Panache in a Language Other Than English
Presented by Barney Leigh and Emily Sandford

Winner – Caso Das 10 Mil
Runner Up – Te Busco Te Leo

Barney Leigh and Emily Sandford were keen to point out that they had no panache in another language themselves, but a note from behind the scenes that the judges of this category don’t have to speak the languages, but rather are given translated transcripts. Caso Das 10 Mil impressed the judges, and the short narrative series from Brazil addresses the important topic of the biggest legal case on abortion in the country – another example of how these awards amplify global women’s issues.

Moment of Touching Honesty
Presented by Francesca Turauskis

Winner – Sharing Plate
Runner UP – This Is What It Feels Like

Sharing Plate is a food podcast that is good for your soul, and it won the judges over as well. According to them, the entry was “presented in a very nonchalant way but very touching and very honest”, but we got to hear how guest Sasha told a story of eating ice cream in a war zone. This win was particularly relevant, as the awards fell in Refugee Week, and the acceptance speech was the most moving of the night, addressing the dehumanising rhetoric of refugees in most media Both the winner and runner up in this category were created by teams of two people and their quality was commented on by judges in both cases.

Recognition of Global Impact
Presented by Imriel Morgan

Winner – Sarah Koenig of Serial

In a very special moment Content is Queen Founder Imriel Morgan was proud to honour Sarah Koenig of Serial as the first winner of the ‘Recognition of Global Impact’ award. Ten years ago, Serial changed the way people perceive podcasts. Imriel spoke about the moment she finished listening to the first series, and how it captured her. She’ll be presenting the physical award to Sarah in London at the International Women’s Podcast Festival on 3rd October. It’s going to be a moving moment, so if you want to be a part of it, there are still some tickets available – get them now!

Award for Changing The World One Moment at a Time
Presented by Sangeeta Pillai

Winner – Culture Kids Podcast
Runners Up – Now Here and Things That Go Boom

Sangeeta Pillai asked to write her own introduction speech to this category because she was so passionate about the name of the award: “Podcasts quite literally change the world…We create quiet revolutions and we create loud revolutions” The winners of this category are a mother and son team who beat out shows from PRX and BBC Audio Lab. In Culture Kids Podcast, Kristen and Asher “aim to help children become empathetic, creative, and global-minded leaders in their communities” – the very definition of trying to change the world through a podcast.