What to include in a podcast trailer

A good podcast trailer will do wonders for your show. It can help new listeners find you and get a taste of what you’re about so they can decide if it’s for them. 

Your podcast trailer should be slick, to the point and full of personality – the perfect elevator pitch with a juicy hook or call to action that is so good they have no choice but to hit play.

Read on for some ideas on how to make the perfect podcast trailer and what to include:

Keep it short

This is your chance to quickly grab your audience’s attention and convince them to keep listening. Make sure it’s succinct and focused but still feels like you and reflects your personality. We recommend keeping it to one minute.

Introduce yourself 

Who are you and what’s your role in the show? People want to know your back story and credentials so if you’re an expert or have a particular geek or nerd factor now’s the time to share it.

Introduce your show

What can listeners expect from your podcast and what’s the format – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly? Is it an interview or Q&A-based? A talk show with a co-host or documentary style? Explain its core message or objectives concisely. And don’t forget to use the name!

Sell it

What makes your podcast stand out and why should people listen? Sell your strengths and what makes you different; if you have a niche, lean into it fully.

End on a call to action

What do you want people to do once they’ve finished listening? Whether subscribing, following, or rating, ask them! Give listeners clear instructions on what to do next. And if you can include a good hook, all the better.

Bonus tips

  • Plan it out. Write it down first then hone the message until it’s clear and succinct. Have on-screen prompts or notes to hand to ensure you cover all the key points. 
  • Warm-up. Try a couple of practice rounds so you sound relaxed and natural. 
  • Record a couple of takes. Even if you think you nailed it the first time you want to cross-check your notes and select the best one.
  • Add some music. Search free music libraries to find something that matches the pace and flavour of your show.
  • Make a video or audiogram. Creating different audio content formats will increase its use and shareability across different platforms and social media channels.