Pay it Forward with Robin The Fog

Welcome to our Pay it Forward Sessions

The sessions were a live Q&A event where our members got the chance to ask experienced audio experts their burning questions. Whether that’s how to turn your podcasting ideas into a reality or kick start your career into the audio world. Our team have lovingly edited these for you, so you can watch them back in your own time again and again.

Next in the series we have the legendary sound designer, Robin The Fog.

Robin is a sound designer, radio producer, audio archivist and educator based in London. His work falls under the broad term ‘Radiophonics’ and includes composition, sound installation, radio drama, field recording and documentary. You can find out more about his work here.

Robin chats to us about how to make your own sound effects, what the best equipment to purchase is for newbie podcasters and where the best places to go and find work experience are when looking into a career in audio 📻

This event was a blast and I’m excited for you all to watch it!

Happy viewing!