Perfecting Your Podcast Mix: How to Create a Professional Sounding Podcast using Sound Design

Sound design can be a complicated process, but there is help. You can make your podcast sound as good as the podcasts you listen to. Personal, custom-made music and stings can make your podcast truly stand out and allow you to bring your vision to life.

If you’re not sure exactly what needs to be done, here are some questions to think about:

“What type of sounds should you use?”

“How can you make them sound like they belong on your podcast?”

“What kind of mood and attitude do I want to convey with my podcast?”

“Do I want it to be uplifting or soothing, sharp and assertive, or calm and peaceful?”

Sound design is one of the most important aspects of your podcast. Getting this right can take your show from a hobby to a professional sound that could create international recognition for you and your business. If you are more serious about creating an epic sound design for your podcast, then this masterclass is perfect for you!

Have you ever listened to a podcast that had bad music or no music at all? Didn’t it put you off a bit? The question is whether to save yourself the trouble of looking for a sound designer and just hiring one at an affordable rate. The sound design in podcasting is hugely important but often overlooked by new podcasters. You’re more likely to place your music and maybe fade it in and out rather than let it breathe and enhance your podcast.

We get it! It’s not easy creating your first sound bed, so we asked award-winning sound designer and composer Axel Kacoutié to put together a step-by-step masterclass to help you choose the right sounds and mix your podcasts better, a guide to sourcing music and his top tips for working with clients.

Watch the trailer to Axel’s Sound Design masterclass trailer below:

Learn how to compose a sound bed to support your purposes, with exercises that will break down the process step-by-step to access the class sign up here.

Axel Kacoutié HeadshotWhy you should listen to: Axel Kacoutié- Sound Designer, The Guardian

Axel Kacoutié is a multi-award-winning audio artist and poet who’s been working with sound, music and words to challenge the familiar and revive the magic in the mundane. His work has featured on the BBC, Channel 4, NOWNESS and the Barbican. He is also the Sound Designer and theme composer for the Guardian’s daily news podcast, Today in Focus.

When you join the club as a Digital or Studio member, you’ll get access to the full 3-part Sound Design masterclass, where you can learn how to create a sound bed from scratch. It’s really easy once you know what to do! But make no mistake, there are still tricks to it. Axel’s Sound Design masterclass is a professional course for amateur podcasters, budding audio producers and sound designers to learn the steps required in creating high-quality sound beds for their podcast. Sign up here.