5 podcasts you need to listen to this January

Jan 15th

There’s something about working in podcasting that often means that you don’t actually get much time to listen.  That being said all this extra time we’ve spent cooped up in the house has meant that we’ve had nothing but time to listen, scroll, listen and scroll some more. That’s why my new year’s resolution is to commit to at least 5 new podcasts a month!

Here are 5 podcasts that we’ll be tuning into this January:

  1. Shade Podcast ArtworkShade Podcast- Lou Mensah
    I’m excited about this podcast because I want to see the conversation about race progress and develop further. Shade’s host Lou Mensah will be discussing ‘Black Images Matter’ with Black Lives Matter activists, artists and editors from Time and iD. Shade engages a wide community of creatives across disciplines, who have challenged existing narratives on representation & identity within their work.

  2. Black Ballad The Survival GuideThe Survival Guide- Black Ballad
    I’ve been a Founding Member or Black Ballad and have been fortunate to call the Editor in Chief Jendella Benson and Founder Tobi Oredein friends. In their first podcast series, host Jendella brings her passion for motherhood to the fore. The Survival Guide delivers honest conversations with Black British women about what motherhood looks like for them and how they survive and thrive being black women in Britain today.

  3. On Reflection BeautyOn Reflection- Funmi Fetto
    I’ve followed Funmi on Instagram for a while now and somehow missed she had a podcast. Her podcast ‘On Reflection’ is all about the global beauty landscape. I’ve been fortunate to hear Funmi speak a couple of times and always enjoyed how personable, warm and approachable she is. Her podcast delivers all of this and more. It’s a magazine-style podcast that often includes various segments and more than one voice, making it feel pacey and exciting.

  4. AudioBook Club- Content is Queen
    Shameless plug, but as the makers of this podcast we couldn’t avoid bigging it up! Days and days of work have gone into making this podcast, and we’re so proud of it. It’s definitely a podcast for book lovers who feel a bit left out of wider book chats. Audiobook Club is a monthly event and podcast where we celebrate Black, Asian, Queer and female narratives in literature. Every month we meet with other Audiobookworms to discuss an Audiobook recommended by you.

  5. Hello Seven- Rachel Rodgers
    This podcast recommendation came from Maisie Hill (author of Period Power), and I’m excited to binge the hell out of it. It’s hosted by Rachel Rodgers who’s on a mission to become a millionaire. Who doesn’t want this??? On the podcast, Rachel speaks to women who have hit those magical 7 figures. They share mistakes, key moments, and challenges that got them there. I’m excited to listen because I’m ready to make some money 🤑.

    Let us know what podcasts you’ll be checking out this month by tweeting us @ContentisQn.