10 Black-Led Podcasts You Should Listen To

Oct 01st

While Content is Queen champions black creatives every day of the year, as October marks Black History Month in the UK, we wanted to spotlight some of our favourite Black podcasters right now. So, if these podcasts aren’t already in your library, now is the perfect time to discover these talented creators. 

Black Gals Livin’

Black Gals Livin’ sees hosts Vic, and Jas get together every week to discuss all things mental health, pop culture and random shenanigans. Listen here. One of my favourite episodes was a recent instalment featuring Toni Tone, as the trio discussed getting the ick, Channel 4’s Highlife and Toni’s new book: I Wish I Knew This Earlier: Lessons on Love.” 


Pints of Malt 

Brought to by four Nigerian-Irish lads Femi, Kenny, Charlie and Jibbz, Pints of Malt is a laugh out loud worthy podcast sharing insight into growing up and living in Ireland. Check it out here. If you’re not sure where to start, The Sticky Situation episodes are sure to brighten your day. 


Unpretty Podcast

Hosts of Unpretty Podcast, Chinazo Ufodiama and Basma Khalifa, are on a mission to unpack the perceptions of beauty through the lens of Black and non-Black people of colour. For me, a stand-out episode saw Chi and Basma joined by Evelyn Mok and Vick Hope as they discussed racial dating preferences. Join the conversation here


Pennies to Pounds 

The Pennies to Pounds podcast is the brainchild of Pennies to Pounds founder Kia Commodore. With an ethos of empowering the youth to enable their future with complete knowledge, this podcast is arming listeners with the financial literacy we aren’t taught in schools. If Cryptocurrency feels like the dark arts to you, you’ll appreciate episode 47 featuring Alex Entrepreneur. Get your finance fix here.


The Echo Chamber 

The Echo Chamber sees hosts Ez and Jade discuss issues that resonate among Black British people from their perspective as working-class women. From shadow work to sisterhood, the duo covers an array of topics. I particularly enjoyed episode 70 as Milk Honey Bees founder Ebinehita Iyere joined the duo to talk Back British Girlhood. Listen here


Black, Broke and Brilliant  

Black, Broke and Brilliant is a podcast by two twenty-something women, Ivy and Samira, discussing the struggles of adulting one bi-weekly episode at a time. As a freelancer, it’s only right I plug episode 39, Adulting Part 3 – no one teaches you how to freelance – I can most definitely relate. Add it to your library here



 Every Thursday, hosts Harry Pinero and Henrie dive deep into the lives of artists, music, and culture as they celebrate the creatives who shape Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Dancehall and RnB. Listen exclusively on Spotify here. One of my favourite recent episodes featured Love Island’s Ovie Soko on taking shots, drip and his rules for love. 


Halfcast Podcast 

Brought to you by ChuckieOnline and Poet, the Halfcast podcast sees the duo get together each week to discuss everything and anything in a self-dubbed ‘counselling session’. If you’re a Santan Dave fan, you’ll enjoy the guys discussing whether or not he’s reached his potential; listen here


Black Women Working 

Black Women Working, hosted by Chantelle, Natalie, Rachel and Tolu, is a safe space for black women to speak openly about their experiences of working life in the UK as they provide support, inspiration and advice to the sisterhood, get involved here. If work-life balance is something you struggle with, S4 EP8 – Compromise or Sacrifice comes highly recommended.



With a straightforward ethos of making economics relevant, relatable, and entertaining to the general public, Disunomics breaks down the latest news in the simplest way possible. If travel is on the agenda anytime soon, episode 219 will tell you everything you need to know. Get your weekly news fix here