Episode 135: Shaina West on Being a Real Life Marvel

Oct 04th

Today’s guest is Shaina West, a stunt actor, martial artist, and real-life warrior. After surviving a motorcycle accident, Shaina channelled her resilience to become The Samurider, teaching herself martial arts and landing a role in Marvel’s Black Widow. She’s breaking stereotypes and paving the way for black women in the industry.

In this episode, we dive into Shaina’s transformative journey, exploring her recovery, self-taught martial arts training, evolution in the industry, and thoughts on giving freely. From her darkest moments to shining on the big screen, Shaina’s story is a powerful testament to determination. 

What a remarkable conversation with Shaina West. Her resilience, passion, and insights are truly inspiring. If her journey moves you, follow Shaina on Instagram @thesamurider.

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Until next time… Keep pushing forward!