Founding Studio Memberships Launch

As you may already know, we have two London podcast studios -one in Peckham Rye and the other in Somerset House in Central London.

We’re excited to announce that we’re scrapping our monthly recording caps for new studio members. We want our studios to be a place you come and create your masterpiece. We want you to feel free and get into your flow state and like you have time to complete your podcast, book your guests and get your re-recordings in whenever works for you.

So when you sign up as a Founding Studio Member, you can:

  1. Book your recordings at any of our two studios.
  2. Stress-free reschedulings for guest recordings. Just rebook as and when you need to.
  3. We’re opening up our best-selling Editing Studio for members. Get up to 6 hours per month of podcast editing. (We’ve worked on podcasts from Amazon, Audible, The FA, Grierson Trust, BIFA and more).
  4. Get the visuals to match the audio with HD Video recordings coming to both studios in April.
  5. Access The Club, our member’s group where you can connect, create and collaborate with other members and us.
  6. Get early access to our beta Video and Design studio ahead of our launch in June.

You’re probably thinking:

  1. Sounds great! Where do I sign up? Go here
  2. ‘How are you able to do this?’ and ‘What’s the catch?’- Read on.

I was blessed with having a production team dedicated to my podcast’s success when I started podcasting. This meant my only real concern was making sure the content was pure fire. The beauty of having support is that you gain clarity, and you can commit to your vision. I thought about how you might not have this privilege, and the world is then deprived of your unique perspective or story. The idea that access to resources or tools could be a barrier makes me genuinely angry and upset. I want a future where we build empathy and compassion through storytelling, and we can’t build that without you.

So I started looking at my workflow and what’s helped me stay consistent and experience growth. I also asked myself: ‘What’ and ‘How’ questions like the below:

  • What if I could have it all?
  • What if I could record professionally recording, create video content, hire an editor and a video editor?
  • What could that look like?
  • What would that cost?
  • How much can I afford?
  • How much time will that save me?
  • How can I make this possible?

I was drawing up proposals and planned to make this a reality for myself and other ambitious podcasters like me. Then I was lucky enough to be approached by the brilliant folx at Audible, got in touch and asked if they could support this vision. After months of experimenting and tinkering, we can finally launch this programme and see how it’s received.

Trust me; nothing kills a podcast faster than mediocre growth or burnout from an overwhelming workload. 

But yes, there is a catch! 

We can only provide 27 Founding Membership places at £199 per month as we roll out new features and offers (e.g. masterclasses, filming, editing, design etc.) over the next 3 months. 

We’re looking for Founding Studio Members who are ambitious, imaginative and who can commit for at least 3 months and who’d benefit from the saving, one-to-one production and promotional support between now and the June 1st price increase to £599 per month.

*IF* you fit the bill, you can sign up to be a Founding Studio Member here.