Episode 89: Kerstin Cable

Apr 23rd

Kerstin is a writer and educator behind www.fluentlanguage.co.uk, a website helping everyone build a language learning habit. Her aims of work are to change how the world sees language learning. She is a native German speaker who studied six languages whilst in Germany and later added three more once arriving in England. Kerstin started out as a German tutor with a big message, and over the last 5 years she has built her reputation as an advocate of independent and creative language learning, created retreats, coaching packages and courses. She has been featured in the Guardian, the Cut, and on BBC Radio. She is also host of the Fluent Show podcast and author of the guides Language Habit Toolkit, Fluency Made Achievable and The Vocab Cookbook. Kerstin also co-organizes the Women in Language online conferences, amplifying and celebrating the voices of women in the language learning community.

Key Takeaway

  • Finding your language learning style
  • Why learning a language is so important
  • Do we actually know our own language’s grammar?
  • The benefits of speaking more than one language

In this episode you’ll learn to love languages. Imrie discovers how Kerstin developed her love for language learning and she shares why learning a language is so special and beneficial, and why it’s so good to have a few different ones stored under your belt. She shares useful tips on language learning and how to tailor it to suit you and your style of learning.

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