Episode 86: Alex Holder

Apr 03rd

Alex Holder is a journalist and brand consultant, who writes for ELLE, Grazia, Refinery29 and the Guardian among some others. You can find some of her projects featured everywhere from the BBC to the New Yorker, while her campaign highlighting the gender pay gap went viral and helped change an actual law. You go girl! Her work has been taught in schools and debated in parliament. She has been named one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative Women globally and listed by the Evening Standard as one of today’s 5 Inspiring Female Leaders. Alex is also the author behind the incredible book: Open Up – The power of talking about money, and you most certainly need to give it a read.

Key Takeaways

  • How to talk about money in your relationship
  • Is it insulting to call someone ‘rich’?
  • Overcoming the shame of talking about money
  • Practising budgeting
  • Talking money with your friends

In episode 86 Imrie and Alex discuss why you should openly talk about money within your friendship group, and why sometimes your friends may not be the most helpful in saving your earnings. You’ll learn why most people feel shame in talking about it and hear an interesting concept of rags to riches, and why some are almost offended to be rich in today’s society.

There’s a lot to be said on talking about money within your relationship, and why it is different to talking to your friends. The two also discuss budgeting, and you’ll learn how to do it effectively. You’ll also be able to analyse the reasons why you’re spending money, sometimes unwisely, (we’ve all been there) and you’ll probably leave this episode wanting to try a few more “no spending days.”

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