Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go


For on-the-go independent podcasters and audio creators who need an occasional studio pit stop.

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What’s Included

Our Pay as you Go option allows you to access our Peckham studio and professional Soundbooth without the commitment of a monthly membership fee. Perfect for those on-the-go, independent podcasters and audio creators wanting occasional use of professional recording equipment and a soundproof space.

Peckham is £15ph

Makerversity/Somerset House studio is £40ph

Inside the studio:

Rodcaster Pro – This is where everything is recorded. Officially called a sound desk, the Rodecaster Pro is perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals. Just because the desk is simple doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful, we’ve done all the hard work of optimising the settings and effects to give your podcast more of an edge. You’ll be able to add jingles, record Zoom/Skype calls, record phone calls, and play clips and audio from your computer.

Shure SM58 Microphones – ‘the world’s most popular performance microphone’ these dynamic microphones are favoured for making you sound silky smooth, clear, and professional. The studio can accommodate you and two others (with social distancing.) Refer to our COVID-19 guidelines which you can find on our website.

iMac – The most reliable machine around. It’s also great for any last minute research before an interview.

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  • No recurring fees

  • Access to the Content is Queen Studio

  • On-site Studio Manager

  • Tape syncs & Remote recordings

Frequently Asked Questions

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