Our Work

  • Podcast Marketing

    Putting together a strong marketing strategy is essential to making your podcast a success. Podcast marketing is our most in-demand service – customers like Audible and The Conversation have already sought our promotional insight and expertise. We’ll be your podcast marketing team, which means we’ll take the time to understand your concept and brand, and we’ll shortlist relevant podcasts for cross-promotion and features.

    We’ll reach out to the relevant social media micro-influencers in your field and request reviews, and we’ll take your podcast to all of the major podcast players to secure features and placements on their discovery pages. This service is driven by metrics and KPIs, and we work hard to deliver on all of your targets. You can pair this with our more bespoke offerings, which include generating social media posts, writing newsletters, and creating bespoke value-added content for your website so you can build your mailing list.

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  • Podcast PR

    Once your podcast is up and running, and you’re feeling ready to start making a bit more of a noise about it, you’ll want to start reaching out to press and media. Podcasts are booming right now, but that makes it all the more important that you find ways to show what’s unique about yours.

    Our team can help you devise a PR strategy and put you in touch with the right contacts, who’ll help spread the word – and bring more listeners – to your podcast.

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Press and Collaborations

We’ve been fortunate to get some incredible placements and work on some amazing campaigns and collaborations.

  • Social Media Strategy

    Creating your podcast is only half the job. After you’ve identified your audience, put together a plan and started making episodes, you’ll need to find ways to make sure your audience will actually find your podcast, listen to it, and keep coming back for more.

    Our team are experienced social media managers and community builders who can help you develop a strategy to make your podcast a success. Each social media strategy offering is bespoke and unique to your organisation, podcast and team. No two documents or strategies are alike.

    Our process involves conducting research to understand the different target audiences, and crafting a strategy, content plan and schedule around them. We make our strategies easy to remember and simple for you to manage yourself. We also provide managed services which include daily community management, posting and scheduling content, creating newsletters, and designing all of your audiograms, images and banners.

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  • Podcast Production + Editing

    This is the nuts and bolts of making a podcast and where it can get technical. Our brand new studios are set up to help you produce the highest quality content. From recording and editing to mixing the final product, we can take you through every stage of the process.

    Whether you’re a podcast newbie, or you’ve been making them for a while but want to hone your skills, we can help and guide you, wherever you are on your podcast production journey. Our podcast studios are designed to be accessible, affordable and easy to use.

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  • Branding, Design + Video

    Our team isn’t just here to help you with putting together your podcast ideas. We’re here to help you with all aspects of design and branding – from your logo and podcast artwork to your social media and digital assets. Video is an essential part of the content marketing toolkit and we can help advise and direct on how to make the most of this important medium for your podcast or brand.

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  • Podcast Media Kits

    A media kit is a must-have for podcasters that want to take their podcast to the next level. If you’re ready to start reaching out to press, partners or sponsors, you’ll need to have a killer media kit to hand which clearly lays out all of the essential information you need to boost your media coverage.

    Our in-house designer will work with you on your branding to pull together a professional and slick media kit, and our copywriters will ensure that your brand and podcast look and sound unmissable.

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