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Content is Queen was founded by Imriel Morgan, who is the company’s CEO and the host of the award-winning Wanna Be Podcast. 

Imriel holds an MBA and has a background in tech, having spent years as a start-up marketer before working with social enterprises.

Imriel began podcasting back in 2015 when she co-founded the UK’s first podcast network built to support underrepresented groups. In 2019, she  went on to create ‘Content is Queen’, the UK’s first and only women’s podcast festival before launching an agency and community of the same name. 

Content is Queen was built on Imriel’s founding principle, that ‘Inclusion is a process rather than an outcome and your participation is essential’ and this statement continues to guide every process within the business. 

We honestly believe that podcasts are changing the world.

The two most powerful things we have as humans are our ears and our voices, and those of us that have full use of them must not take them for granted.

Listening is essential to empathy and compassion. A well-told story not only has the power to alter our biochemistry, it can also make us feel connected to others. The power of our voices and the things we tell ourselves and say to others can quite literally dictate our behaviour and our outcomes.

Now more than ever, it’s important that the stories we hear are representative of our city, our community and our society.

Our podcast studios are based in Peckham, South London and in Makerversity, Somerset House in Central London. We are a collaborative, affordable and inclusive space and we aim to be accessible to all members of our community.


for Independent Podcasters

Maybe you’re completely new to podcasting, or you’ve got a bunch of ideas scribbled in your notebook that you’re itching to make into the real thing. Maybe you’ve got an existing podcast but want to take it to the next level.

That’s where we come in.

We guide you through the entire process of making a podcast, from getting started and structuring your ideas, right through to getting your first episode recorded. In between, we can offer support and guidance on everything from branding and design briefs to scriptwriting and interview techniques, and we can give you feedback and advice on how to make your podcast even better.

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for Brands + Organisations

As well as specialising in helping first-time podcasters get their projects off the ground, we’re experts in podcast marketing strategy and audience development.

If you work for an brand or company and you’re developing ideas for a new podcast, we can help you identify niche audiences. We’ll help you find out what makes them tick – what their interests are, what they’re listening to and what they’re sharing on social media.

We can help you structure and format your podcast, and adjust its key messaging so that it appeals to your target audience.

If you’ve got an existing podcast but want to reach new demographics, we can help you market your podcast and ensure that it reaches the right listeners. We can even run focus groups to make sure you’re hitting the right messages in the right places.

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Podcast Recording + Production

Our brand new podcast studios are the jewel in the Content is Queen crown. This is where your wildest podcast ideas and dreams can become a reality. Our studios have been built to industry standards, with professional equipment including microphones, mixers, speakers and editing software.

Our member’s area is on it’s way, watch this space for more information.

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  • Imriel Morgan

    Founder + CEO

    Imriel Morgan is the Founder and CEO of Content is Queen she’s also an award-winning podcast host of the Wanna Be Podcast. Imriel started podcasting back in 2015 when she co-founded the UK’s first diverse podcast network. She then went on to create ‘Content is Queen’, the UK’s first and only women’s podcast festival. Imriel now specialises in podcast marketing and PR for brands and independent podcasters around the world. Imriel has over 8 years content marketing experience and holds an MBA.

  • Sharon Newell

    Brand + Content Strategist

    Sharon is Content is Queen’s Brand and Content Strategist. Following a career pivot from in-house marketing director to freelance, she met Imriel via the Digital Mums programme and has worked with her since the ShoutOut Network days where she ran the social media campaign for Content is Queen Women’s podcast festival. Sharon has over 20 years experience in events, publishing and membership marketing specialising in brand, content and social media strategy.

  • Amber Miller

    Studio + Production Manager

    Amber is Content is Queen’s Studio and Production Manager. Amber gained a first class degree in Radio from Goldsmiths, University London. Amber’s final year project (a Scripted Drama called ‘Evi’) was selected and performed at the Audible Audio Drama festival. She was then scouted by Dagaz Media to write for an up and coming radio drama series in the US. Since graduating, she has been the sound engineer and editor for the Great Women Artists Podcast, as well as the Daddy Issues podcast. She is now the lead editor on the Wrap Party Podcast for Amazon Prime.

  • Joseph Perry

    Sound Editor

    Joseph Perry is a Sound Editor for Content is Queen and is also in his final year studying Media Production at the University of Sussex. Alongside his studies, he has created and produced his own podcast, Working Progress Podcast, as well as his own radio show, Red or Blue. He has a passion for creating and can’t wait to help assist in making your podcasting projects into a reality.

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