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The club is a membership community for ambitious podcasters who want to change society by creating impactful high-growth podcasts.

Creating an insanely successful podcast takes consistency, patience and ambition. You can quickly find yourself overwhelmed and burned out doing what everyone else is doing and getting none of the results. The Club has been designed to help you make, edit and grow your podcast effortlessly while you level up your skills and hone your promotion tactics. The Club is the heart of our community – you belong here.

We’ve worked on ALOT of podcasts in the past 6 years, from producing to promotion. You’re safe here. You can explore ideas, ask questions, and connect with phenomenally talented people just like you. Find the membership option that works for you below.

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What's included?

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    Our Audible-approved studios have been designed with a community in mind. They're professional, functional and most importantly, comfy! We’ve created the ultimate safe space for people from all backgrounds.

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    Studio Members get exclusive access to our Somerset House and Peckham Studios, which will give you broadcast-ready professional audio.

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    Editing Credits

    Studio Members will have access to our Editing Studio to give your podcast that professional polish. DIY and send it to use to touch up and give it the Content is Queen effect!

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    Level up at your own pace with our growing resources, articles and Masterclasses with industry pros. Learn everything you need to grow your podcast - from sound design, scriptwriting, podcast promotion and editing. You’ll be a professional podcaster in no time!

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    Spend time in The Club, our private group where you can connect, collaborate and share ideas with other members and us! Or book into a Podcast Promotions Clinic when you need a little more support. We're here to help you achieve real growth!

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The Kit List

Rodcaster Pro
Officially called a sound desk, this is where everything is recorded. Perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, it offers a simple yet powerful setup and we’ve done all the hard work of optimising the settings and effects to give your podcast more of an edge. You’ll be able to add jingles, record Zoom/Skype calls, record phone calls, and play clips and audio from your computer.

Shure SM58 Microphones/ Shure SM7B
‘the world’s most popular performance microphone,’ these dynamic microphones are favoured for making you sound silky smooth, clear, and professional. Give your voice the liquid gold touch.

The most reliable machines around, they’re installed with Adobe Audition.

Our Peckham studio is kitted out with the Gold Booth and Somerset House is an acoustically-treated space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Click here to read our FAQs or head over the contact page to get in touch.

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